Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Code Blue and the Dragonfly

 I spent eight months in the hospital finally getting a heart and kidney transplant in Jan. of 2020. The first 45-60 days I was in and out of comas and getting so many shocks to my heart, that I became Mr. Code Blue...sometimes multiple times a day. 

During this time Mary, my wife designated my sign as a dragonfly. Dragonflies represent New Beginnings, Transformation, Hope, Peace, and Love amongst many other things. Today, I was walking in the medical plaza for a doctors appointment when I came upon a sign that read CODE BLUE Room-Kidney. About 20 feet in the hallway lie a dead dragonfly. 

The message and symbolism was not lost on me. I survived my ordeal and have proven at the age of 64-65 it's never too late to transform yourself, start a new beginning, find hope and love and peace.

Embrace this day, for no one can determine the paths that you choose.



Monday, August 23, 2021

Part Three of What a Reading is all about.- COMFORT

 A reading from a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, etc. is about three things.

CLOSURE; CLARITY and now the third part COMFORT.

COMFORT lets us know and feel that there is the continuity of life after we separate ourselves from our earthly bodies. We're not going to be alone...we will be surrounded by loved ones who have been watching our progress here in the physical realm with a guiding hand, whenever they could.

They are waiting for us to rejoin them when it's time.

Death is but one step away from the Spirit realm. There is and will be light, vibrations and love. 

The Universe's classroom has just begun because there is untapped frequencies of knowledge and enlightenment that await us.

The readings that I have been privileged to give has been so humbling as I watch Spirit work and give people the closure that they had been seeking.

So, be at peace and know that God will give us comfort.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

What is a "reading' all about? Part Two- CLARITY

 CLARITY- Clarity is not what a lot of people are asking for when they come to me for a reading.

They want answers and I fully understand...I want answers too. But the Universe is like a sacred, spiritual GPS device that helps you get where you want, but doesn't drive the vehicle for you. It's also interesting to note that a GPS gives you several ways to get to your destination, much like the Universe will show you several paths to take, but will not physically take you there.

Why? Because that action circumvents the free will that God gives us, especially when it comes to decision making. 

God wants us to enjoy the journey more than the destination. It's in the journey that we find growth, enlightenment, and eventually evolution.

Embrace your free will because it's the GPS that never needs recharging.


Monday, August 16, 2021

What is a reading from a Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic, all about? Part One- CLOSURE

 Readings are about several things, but I would like break the above question down to focus on what I call the Big Three. Here is part one...part two coming in two days and part three two days after that.

PART ONE-CLOSURE- We never know when a loved one is going to pass. We may know when the time is near but more often than not, we are completely caught off guard when they pass.

 Therefore questions remain unanswered. Did they want to leave this earth? Are they in heaven? Are they in hell? Did they hear me when I whispered to them on their 'death' bed? Why did they take their own life? Are they still mad at me? I'm sure a million more questions can be added to this short list. 

Communicating with a loved one who has passed is not treading on sacred ground as so many people think. It is a gift from God to give people some closure that maybe has troubled them for years and years. God, the Universe, and Spirit wants us to move on with our lives in order to find peace, happiness, and serenity.. After all; isn't that what we want at the end of the day?

 Part Two - CLARITY will be coming in two days.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Validation from our Higher Self

 In todays somewhat toxic climate everyone (including me) have strong opinions and feel a need to share them on social media about anything and everything in order to initiate one of two responses.

1) OBTAIN A VALIDATION- You agree with my point of view so you're with me. You're one of 'us'.

2) START AN ARGUMENT- You don't agree with me so therefore you're against me. You're one of 'them'

Why? Why do we need either of the above?

It's ironic that no.1 makes us feel better and no.2 makes us want to fight.

Neither one has long lasting effect on our soul.

Only validation we need is from our Higher Self that we're on the right path and we will be on that path as long as it's the path of love.

LOVE raises our vibrations that we need in order to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

The Beatles were right...All You Need is Love.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

When we hear Nothing is when we hear Everything.

 Meditation is the ultimate opportunity to connect and even channel 'the other side.'

That's when the noise is drowned out by the vibrations of the Universe and the essence and love of our Higher Selves. Our soul breathes freely when we are alone in our thoughts. How can we have a conversation with our Higher Self when everyone else is talking?

 It is like being stuck in a traffic jam while we are attempting to reach down into the depths of our being while cars are honking, people are yelling and screaming, pedestrians are crossing the street, get the picture. 

Meditation is a retreat in and of itself. It is the Universe's way of calming us down and saying to us..."it is going to be alright. Just stay with us awhile to clear your head and strengthen your soul."

That's when you hear everything.

Saturday, August 1, 2020


We have all heard it and we have all said it, “I  can forgive but I can’t forget.”

How does one do that? Don’t they both go together? How in the world do you separate them?

If we are are not forgetting what someone or somebody or maybe even a group of people have done to us; how then, can we ever forgive them?

The Universe showed me an example that has helped me greatly.

Imagine your mind is like a library that has millions of books that stores millions of memories. 

It is our library so we can arrange the books in any order or section of the library that we want. The Universe gave me a POG (plan o gram) that would help me arrange the books in the most productive way possible.

At the front of the library the Universe placed books that contained positive thoughts, words, actions, and stories. Unfortunately, when it comes to thoughts that we have every day, experts tell us that 80% are on the negative side. So, with that in mind we have to put those books full of negative thoughts especially when it comes to not forgetting and not forgiving others at the back of the library on the top of those shelves that are hard to reach[jm1] .

So, when it comes to forgiving others in a positive way, make those books easy to get to by putting them in the front of the library or at the front of your memories. Make the negative books full of bitter memories, hatred, jealously, and negative forgiveness at the back of your memory library so that we have to navigate our way through all of the positive thoughts just to get to those unpleasant memories.

Who knows, maybe by the time we arrive at the negative section, we would have forgotten what we were so upset about.






Code Blue and the Dragonfly

 I spent eight months in the hospital finally getting a heart and kidney transplant in Jan. of 2020. The first 45-60 days I was in and out o...